How to stay fit throughout old age.

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Here are Energize Fitness Solutions (EFS) we dedicated to helping our clients maintain their fitness through their early adulthood to senior adult hood, The key to staying fit throughout your entire life is the simple concept of doing a little bit each day and small achievements add up to huge gains over the course of ones’ life. Great workout for 60+ found here:

When you are in your 20’s it’s easy to stay in shape but as you age it’s not so much you metabolism slows down, its the fact that you don’t have as much free time to devote to staying in shape as life takes over. When you get married and have a family the days of spending three hours a days playing basketball or over. What you are left with is a less active lifestyle and thus your body slows down. The issue then is people continue to eat as if they are exercising like they were when they were in their 20’s. This excess calories over time leads to obesity which is the gateway for disease.

I had a client I was training the other day who had seen her mom go though a long term care situation because her mom got too heavy for her legs to support herself. My client vowed to never need long term care like her mom did so was in the gym six days a week. I told her that if she stays on top of her training and makes it a part of her life for ever she will never end up needing long term care like her mom.

Her mom refused to exercise her whole life because she thought it was not lady like and it did not hurt that her late husband bought her a huge hybrid long term care insurance plan—some company called Lincoln Money Guard II. Because it was a hybrid long term care insurance plan it paid for her mom’s care and any money left over would go to her daughter at death. I told her that she could then use that money to pay for my training her at the gym.

Then it took a crazy turn… I was joking but she fired back that if I took her out on a date she would consider adding me as the beneficiary to the hybrid long term care insurance policy because we’d then be family. I really did not know what to say other than sign me up and we went out. We did not talk too much about her exercise and training… we certainly did not talk about the boring hybrid long term care plan her mom bought now. Sure enough a few days later she called me out of the blue and said she added me to the hybrid long term care insurance plan. I then fired back I would train her for free from now on. I mentioned hybrid long term care insurance a few times and thought I might need to explain it, here’s what the heck it is, or that policy her mom had:

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